ubuntu printer install

I got a new Lexmark Pro715 printer yesterday, but had some problems installing it in ubuntu. I finally got it working and thought I'd drop a note here for future reference.

tl;rd version

install the printer utility from support.lexmark.com, don't bother looking for printer drivers. After install, search for 'lexmark' in the dashboard gui, as the command-line install does not indicate how to run the utility. After install you must:

sudo chown root /usr/lib/cups/backend
sudo chown root /usr/lib/cups/filter


Initially I was confused about what printer driver I needed to download. It seems that there are 'printer drivers' listed for red hat/Suse linux editions, but only 'printer utility' and 'scanner drivers' available for ubuntu. All of the documentation I could find indicated that I needed the generic debian driver (seemed the same as Suse, except packaged as .deb).

I successfully installed the printer utility (sudo dpkg -i filename) in case that included the drivers, but there was nothing to indicate what binary to run after the install. running a few of the candidates on the command line led to cryptic error messages. It turns out that you need to search for the utilty in the ubuntu dashboard, and execute from there. After the setup wizard completes, it will have installed the printer for you, and it will be available in the list of printers.

Printing failed when I first tried printing the test page, with a cups-insecure-filter error. I solved this by:

$ sudo chown root /usr/lib/cups/backend
$ sudo chown root /usr/lib/cups/filter

All is working fine now!