Javascript videos - by Douglas Crockford of YAHOO

If you are a web developer, you almost certainly need to program in Javascript. If you need to program in Javascript, you need to watch this series of video presentations by Douglas Crockford.

Hopefully most of you (web developers) know who Mr Crockford is, but for those that don't recognize his name: he works for Yahoo, and is a well known author and presenter on Javascript topics. He is a member of the ECMAScript standards body and a general Javascript guru - developer of JSLint, the JSON spec and author of JavaScript: The Good Parts.

These lectures were given to (some members of) the Yahoo development team. The first lecture is a fascinating history of computing and language development which is really informative and sets up the other lectures (on Javascript) really well. If you don't have the time for the first lecture you can dive in on the second one and get right into the language implementation details, but I really do recommend you start with the first video. Each presentation is about 2hrs long, so make sure you've set aside enough time - it will be worth it!

I can't recommend this enough - if you're serious about your professional development as a web developer, Mr. Crockford's material is must-read and must-watch.