new home and website

It's been a long while since I've posted anything here. Chalk it up to the crazyness of moving to our new home and then 'entertaining' (I use that term loosely 🙂 ) houseguests as people come over to check out the new digs and spend some vacation time here on the Sunshine Coast.

I did manage to set up a new website for both Shelley and I to 'share', as we had to get a new ISP and therefore new email addresses. So I registered our own domain ( so that regardless of future ISP changes we won't have to change our personal email addresses anymore. I have an account on Dreamhost, so it was super easy to register the new domain, set up the wordpress blog engine (one click install), and use gmail to handle our email (custom email addresses, not gmail addresses). So from now on, I'll blog personal stuff at and keep this blog for just technical stuff.

Can't say enough good things about my Dreamhost experience. I've looked at the blog and forum posts and understand that they've had some pretty terrible experiences in the past, but things have been really smooth for me, and I love their tools, especially the way they've set up the ability to host multiple sites from the same account - their tools know all about it so it makes it very painless to host new sites for people. Their support for Trac and Subversion makes it a really great choice for people setting up their own projects - whether for fun, open source, or closed source. Plenty of storage, too.