WPF experiment

Wow, two blog posts in one day. Someone will think I don't have enough real work to do... 🙂 My morning ritual includes a cup of coffee, and sitting down to scan the rss feeds from my favorite blogs, and read a few articles to get my brain going. I found another one worth sharing today.

Scott Hanselman is a MS employee and long-time blogger. He has a fairly well-read blog on a variety of mostly-technology topics. He also has a weekly podcast that is quite good too.

His latest series of posts is on a fun-but-educational WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) application that he wrote for his kid. He's blogging about it and sharing the code as a way to 'share the experience' of moving from a win32 frame of mind to a WPF approach. As with Rob Connery's series on building a ASP.net MVC real-world application, the result is a much more enlightening learning experience than the traditional tutorial and hello world written examples. Watching the input from the community and seeing the refactoring going on is so much more like our real-life experiences as developers. It makes the learning experience so much richer.

http://www.hanselman.com/blog/LearningWPFWithBabySmashConfigurationWithDataBinding.aspx is the second post, but he's got a link to the first one there.