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Hi, I’m Allan Nienhuis.  Among other things, I’m a developer, an entrepreneur, a parent and grandparent.

I own and operate a few small internet-based businesses, and do freelance software development when I’m not enjoying my family and our life here in Pender Harbour, BC.

For about 14 years I worked at the Active Network, helping software development managers keep their teams productive and happy. I also helped my team in Xian and Chengdu, China grow at an incredible pace (from six people to over 400 when I left Active).

I’m still amazed that my wife Shelley actually married me (32th anniversary this year! – 2015).  Both of our children (daughter Danielle, son Noel) have moved out of the house so we’re experiencing the ’empty nest’ thing first hand.  We’re now living on the beatiful waterfront of Pender Harbour, which is a bit north of Vancouver, BC in an area called ‘The Sunshine Coast’, although we lived in Abbotsford, BC for over 20 years.  You can find some pictures of our place here. Our Christian faith is imporant to us, and for many years we’ve supported and encouraged others to support several hands-on ministries – www.onemileclinic.orgwww.partnersforhaiti.org, and the work of Norm and Jen Weir serving people in remote communities in BC.

I suppose my first post on why I bothered putting up this blog in the first place will probably get kicked off the front page after a while, so I’ll put a link to it here.

We have another personal website that we haven’t updated in years… 🙂  www.allanandshelley.ca

3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Brian Pidcock said:

    I worked at BCIT when you were on our advisory committee. Do you still have any contacts in the Chengdu office? BCIT has a partner school in Chengdu that teaches our BCIT CST curriculum. On one of my visits to the school, I met with Joey Yin at your Chengdu office. He was more than happy to provide us with guidance on what the school should be teaching for the Chinese market. I will be visiting Chengdu in October and would like to visit the Active Network development group there. I will also be visiting Xian so if you have a contact there, let me know about them as well. I hope you’re enjoying retirement on Pender Island. Spent a couple of great vacations there when my kids were young.

    Brian Pidcock

    • Hi Brian, great to hear from you. I’ve been away from Active for about 3 years now, so not sure if Joey is still there in Chengdu. But, I still have some contacts – I’ll connect you with someone in an email and I’m sure they will be able to help you out.

      We’re actually in Pender Harbour, on the Sunshine Coast north of Sechelt. It’s commonly confused with Pender Island. 🙂 Life in a small town like this sure suits us 🙂

  2. Brian Pidcock said:

    Thanks Allan. I realized my mistake as soon as I read your web site a little more carefully.

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